What We Do

Beyond Skyrim is, put simply, a series of interlinked, fan-made unofficial expansion packs for TES V: Skyrim which will eventually allow players to visit every corner of Tamriel, the fictional continent on which the Elder Scrolls games are set. Much of the appeal of this series lies in the deep and fascinating backstory of their universe, which is full of stories about the eight other countries beyond the borders of Skyrim. Many of these have never been featured in a single-player Elder Scrolls game since TES I: Arena. Our goal is to change all that. When Beyond Skyrim is completed, if you talk to the Khajiit merchants outside Markarth and get curious about their homeland of Elsweyr, you will actually be able to hike south across Cyrodiil and visit the place. Or, for that matter, visit the deserts of Hammerfell or the ash wastes of Morrowind.

This requires modding on a huge scale, with a separate dedicated team working on each country. Landscapes need to be shaped, cities need to be built, scripts need to be programmed, and hundreds of lines of dialogue and in-game books need to be written. Each country will feature new architecture, a different culture, and of course a whole host of different dungeons to explore, activities and quests to complete, and weapons, armor and items to loot, buy and sell. The objective is to make each country a brand new experience for even the most jaded of Skyrim players. It may sound ambitious, but we are making steady progress towards our goals.