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…welcome on utmost northern shores, traveler…

Aim of “BS:EtA”

We want the player to rediscover the forgotten continent! …Exactly as an adventurer in the 4th age would encounter it.
Expect a massive, completely over-frozen, haunted dead land, shrouded in mystery and with the constant threat to starve or to freeze to death.
Our team will strive for consistency with the design aesthetics of Bethesda, as well as those of the other Beyond Skyrim teams.

Features of “BS:EtA”

These features make our “Expedition” unique:

  • A huge landscape
  • Very detailed level design
  • Beautiful nature and realistic environment
  • historic immersion, compatibility, and depth
  • Arctic survival: Frostfall and Ineed compatible but not required
  • A dramatic frame plot
  • unique rewards, objects
  • new assets (meshes, textures, music ect.)

Contact us, become part of the team!

Got interested? You can join the team! Simply contact Hannes821.
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