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Travel to the newly independent homeland of the Redguards, a huge and forbidding desert scattered with the ruined cities of the lost Dwemer civilization. Our decisions are guided by both lore and the work of previous teams. Tamriel Rebuilt was gracious enough to permit the use of their concept art, lore, and even in-game books they prepared. It was a project known for its attention to detail and credibility, a reputation we intend to honor and replicate. However, with such a large region and with such a distinctive culture, there has been much additional content created. Expect a host of exotic new locations and cities, as well as the addition of survival elements to gameplay as players have to contend with the harsh environment.

Mod Information

  • Start Date: July 29, 2012
  • Goal: To create a lore-friendly version of the province of Hammerfell in Skyrim’s 4th era. As such we will gather and build the resources to make a unique, post-“Second Treaty of Stros M’kai” Hammerfell as lore-friendly as possible with compelling quests and locations.


  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Items
  • Magic


  • Creatures
  • Factions


  • Alik’r District
  • The Chain
  • Craglorn District
  • Dak’fron District
  • Fourth Orsinium
  • Helkori District
  • Hew’s Bane
  • Republic of Elinhir
  • Republic of Rihad
  • Republic of Taneth
  • Sultinate of Sentinel
  • Tomba do-Cespar
  • Tomba do-Djilein
  • Tomba do-Heigidh
  • Tomba do-Hirn
  • Tomba do-Kai
  • Tomba do-Nudri


  • Dragonstar
  • Elinhir
  • Gilane
  • Hegathe
  • Rihad
  • Sentinel
  • Skaven
  • Taneth