Morrowind: The Star-Wounded East

Venture forth into the mysterious and alien land of the Dunmer. Venture forth into the land of Morrowind, more than two centuries after the events of The Elder Scrolls III. On this epic quest, the player will see much of what made ‘Morrowind’ and ‘Dragonborn’ such unique experiences. And beyond that, even more mystery awaits intrepid heroes.


The Tribunal Temple may be long gone, but the void its destruction left in Dunmer life has not yet been filled. Daedric Powers and Aedric Powers have arisen to compete for the hearts of the Dunmer.

Five Great Houses rule the land. Sadras, Telvanni, Indoril, Dres and above them, sits dour, serious Great House Redoran, the First House. And throughout the last two centuries, the Five Great Houses have ruled the land of Morrowind, in exchange for the oath that they would always be loyal servants of the Ruby Throne. But the Great War has come and gone, weakening the Dragonkings of Cyrodiil. And now the Emperor is old. Perhaps he is dead? So the Great Houses are dissatisfied with the Emperor. But most of all, the Great Houses are dissatisfied with each other. The storm is brewing. Though Morrowind is ravaged by the trials of the Fourth Era, there is now a palpable sense that some cataclysm is coming. Some agent of change is coming to alter the face of Morrowind.

Now the Dragonborn must journey forth and become this agent of change or preservation, and carve out their destiny, from the East, from Morrowind and become the hero, or villain, that the Eastern Provinces need.


The Star Wounded East – See Morrowind beyond the scope of Elder Scrolls Three. See what the Red Year, The Argonians, The Floating City, The Great War and other trials have wrought upon the Dunmer.

Guilds and Great Houses – Join the ranks of Redoran and the Great Houses, the wealthy East Empire Company, the shadowy agents of the Penitus Oculatus, and even a mysterious prophet seeking renewal for the Dunmer people. Find out which of these figures and fellowships are heroes, which are villains, and which are a bit of both. Judge them and choose your path.

Rising From the Ashes – From the Ashen wasteland of Vvardenfell he came. The mysterious Prophet has emerged into the heated arena of the Dunmer nation. Now he calls on all true Dunmer to return to their roots, and reject the impurities the Empire, and the Argonians and the Redoran have imposed.

Ingenium Dawn – Join the shadowmen of the Penitus Oculatus, and as you explore the lore behind the destruction of Vvardenfell, embark on a chilling detective story in which you must save Morrowind from the grip of a supernatural terror and yourself from the perilous darkness which threatens to consume your soul. For Morrowind. For the Empire.

Fully Voiced Quests – Morrowind will be voiced to the highest standards, and include remastered original soundtracks of TES: III and a range of entirely original music.

The Treasures of the East – Morrowind will allow players to regain some of the wonders they found on their journeys in TES:III, and other new treasures beyond the scope of Skyrim. Armor of undead Indoril Lords, Imperial Shadowlords and the robes of Telvanni Archmages are merely the beginning of what can be found.

Enemies and other features – Morrowind will include phenomenal new enemies, from the undead to Argonian Raiders, and will provide the full experience of the new lands of Morrowind, including a wide range of new books, detailing the history and lore of the last 200 years.

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