Rigging: Outfit Studio

Outfit Studio as supplemental tool for Rigging Please make sure you have read about rigging process and mesh export to Nif formate Using Outfit Studio for a rigging and implementing an armour: 1) Requirements: Bethesda Archive Extractor (only once), to extract vanilla body meshes: Outfit Studio, to import and export meshes [...]

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Rigging: 3ds Max (incl. Export)

Rigging with 3ds Max Please make sure you have understood the basics of how to export in 3ds Max to nif formate If you are only interested in the export, jump to parragraph 10 below. (BlackKnight:) Hello everyone, I want to make this tutorial fast and easy to understand as possible. This [...]

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Rigging: Blender 2.7+

Rigging with Blender 2.7+ Please make sure you have read Hayden's article "Exporting From Blender 2.7+ to Skyrim" (OpusGlass): This is a collection of all the info I've learned about using Blender 2.7 for rigging and exporting rigged meshes. It probably includes a lot of info applicable to working with rigged meshes in [...]

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