Texturing: General Workflow

Texture Workflow General Introduction The Diffuse Map, the base colour map that is using slot 1 in the texture set, has some specific needs in Skyrim. It usually needs to be significantly less bright, especially when dealing with metallic objects. The Normal Map, which has the height information and [...]

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Texturing: Substance Painter

Texturing with Substance Painter Content by Hayden Price This is going to be a cross-post for the Allegorithmic blog post. This assumes you know the basics of high/low poly modelling and baking, as well as UV-unwrapping your models. Substance Painter Stage 1 - Preparing Your Project I generally start off my projects [...]

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Texturing: Texture Sets & Texture Slots

Texture Sets Skyrim NIF Files: BSShaderTextureSet and Textures NIF (Netimmerse Gamebryo) files in Skyrim are the files that hold the 3D Model information necessary to display objects in the game. When you open a NIF file in NifSkope, every NiTriShape represents a 3D Object instance. A single NIF file can have multiple [...]

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Texturing: The DDS Texture Format

Textures in DDS format Working with DDS Files I've worked a lot with DDS files inside of Skyrim and have seen some confusion regarding their use in the Skyrim community. So I thought I'd share what I know. What are DXT and DDS? DXT is a set of compression algorithms or codecs [...]

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