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Do you want to join Beyond Skyrim? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re always looking for dedicated volunteers to help bring the world of Nirn to life.

Please note that Beyond Skyrim is an all volunteer, unpaid project.

Please post examples of your work in order to be considered. You can do this by:

  • Uploading work examples to cloud storage and posting a link
  • Posting a link to your profile site, etc.

Want to join Cyrodiil? Click here! Want to join Morrowind? Click here! Want to join another project? Make a thread in our recruitment forums, here.

Please be patient as it can take up to a week for us to review your application. It is more than likely that we will need to ask you some more questions, so please check your emails.

Please note that we have a reasonably high expectation for potential members.  Prospective applicants should be proficient in the skill sets they are applying for. Please see below for specific examples.

Concept Artists

Common Tools: Drawing Tablets, Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchBook, Gimp

Draw concepts based on request/instruction for in game objects and environments. These images will be passed down to 3D artists for creation after approval from relevant team and department leads.

Texture Artist

Common Tools: Photoshop, Gimp, Scanner, Digital Camera, Substance Designer/Painter, Quixel Suite

Create textures for use on 3D Models at a high quality. Up-scaling existing textures, re-colours and adding sharpen/noise filters is not sufficient for this skill set. Our texture artists create textures from scratch in texturing applications and on occasion create textures from photos of real life objects such as plants and trees.

Common Tools: 3D Studio Max, Blender, ZBrush, Mudbox, SpeedTreee, xNormal, Photoshop, Gimp, Compressionator, Quixel Suite, Substance Painter/Designer, NifSkope

Creating 3D game assets from concepts or directly from request/instruction. You may be tasked with creating anything from small clutter items to creatures to armors, even large tilesets – based on your available time and ambition. Do the full asset production pipeline from initial boolean primitives all the way to finished in game asset.


Common Tools: NifSkope, 3D Studio Max, Nif import and Export plugin for 3D Studio Max

You need some skill with Max, as you need to be able to add the right modifiers, and/or being able to export nif and kf.


Common Tools: NifSkope, 3D Studio Max, Havok Content Tools

Look at animations previews and create new animations for the creatures, you work in FBX. Experience with Havok Content Tools a big plus.


Common Tools: Studio Mixer/Audio Interface, Studio Monitors/Headphones, Midi Controller/Keyboard, Live, Reason, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Studio One, ProTools, iZotope RX, ReCycle, Audition, Audacity

Composers are responsible for composing original sound tracks for each mod. They coordinate closely with writers to ensure that an overall feel is achieved for all game content.

Sound Effects Designer

Common Tools: Studio Mixer/Audio Interface, Studio Monitors/Headphones, Studio Mic and portable recording equipment, iZotope RX, ReCycle, Audition, Audacity

Sound effects designers are responsible for creating the sound effects associated with game assets such as creatures, weapons, armor, etc. They will take assignments from department leads to create sound effects which give assets a unique personality.

Common Tools: Studio Mixer/Audio Interface, Studio Monitors/Headphones, Studio Quality Microphone, Audition, Audacity

A voice actor typically has a recording setup in a sound proofed room using high quality microphones and mixers. They typically have a background in stage acting or are building a portfolio to become a professional voice actor for video games or animated movies.

Applicants must provide a sound reel demonstrating their acting ability and the quality of output from their recording equipment.

Comon Tools: Creation Kit, TES5Edit, Sublime Text, Notepad++

A papyrus scripter uses Bethesda’s Papyrus scripting language to script together all the quests, actions, events, etc in the game. The language is very powerful and it allows you to do many advanced things. This skill is something programmers pick up quite quickly and many have compared the language to similar scripting languages such as Javascript and Python.

Common Tools: Creation Kit, TES5Edit

Quest Implementation

Quest implementers will take the branching dialogue written by a province writing team and implement it in the Creation Kit.

Creation Kit Generalist

General implementers will assist will all implementation tasks such as creating navigation meshes, implementing audio, implementing 3d assets in game, implementing new effects, implementing 3d assets, etc.

Common Tools: Creation Kit, TES5Edit

The below type of applicants will be required to submit screen shots or videos of their work to be considered for a position. Level Designers typically have experience in several or all of these disciplines.


Landscapers will create all of the above ground portions of the worldspaces for any province they choose to assist.


City level designers will assemble the city tilesets and clutter to create the cities of the provinces they choose to assist.


Interior designers will create all of the interiors to palaces, shops, farm houses, etc.


Dungeon designers will create all of the dungeons such as mines, Dwemer ruins, caves, crypts, forts, etc.

Common Tools: Google Docs

Writers at Beyond Skyrim must be proficient at writing, having at least a high school graduate competency level in writing. As the vast majority of applicants to Beyond Skyrim are writers, the quality level of accepted applicants tends to be very high. Usually accepted applicants are majoring in writing at a college level or are working in the game industry as writers. Writers will occasionally write in game books but will spend most of their time writing branching dialogue and quests for in game characters which will then be implemented by the quest implementation teams.

Social Media Posters

Common Tools: Photoshop, GimpFirefox, Chrome

Our social media posters typically have the tasks of branding our screenshots and concept art then posting them to social media. They will also inform of events such as trailer releases, mod releases, and other events such as our 3 monthly newsletters.

WordPress Editors

Common Tools: Photoshop, GimpFirefox, Chrome

WordPress editors make blog posts on our website and transfer tutorials from older storage mediums to our website.

Video Editors

Common Tools: Handbrake, Premier, Openshot

Video editors take our music, narration, screen shots and screen recordings then combine them in to promotional videos for our fans to watch.

Screen Archers

Common Tools: Photoshop, Gimp, OBS Studio, Fraps, NVidia Shadowplay, Radeon Relive, Handbrake

Screen archers get access to our mods and take screen shots and video of them before submitting to the province leads for approval to add them to our promotional videos.

Java Developers

Common Tools: JDK, Eclipse, hkxcmd

You have to be able to use Eclipse and run a java project, hkxcmd from shell and a bit of knowledge about 3d. You’ll became a behaviorist, much of your work will consist in reversing the engine behavior using custom tools.

C++ Developers

Common Tools: Visual Studio, Qt SDK, Boost Libraries

You need to be able to write file parsers for proprietary formats, interpret the data and populate a model/view framework with the data. Experience with Qt for Windows desktop necessary.

We look forward to your application, good luck!

Note: The recruitment system is being updated.

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