Modding Spotlight: Episode IV

//Modding Spotlight: Episode IV

Welcome to our fourth Modding Spotlight

Every two months, we invite one of our incredible modders to let us know what they do, what province(s) they work for and anything else they want to tell us.

This month, we have asked Stranger, a writer from Atmora and Elsweyr to be under the Spotlight.

When did you join and why?

Haha, that’s a good question. I know that soon it is going to be a year since I’ve joined. I think I joined at… hmm… last year’s summer? I think after Bruma was just released. Yeah, that time, right. As for why I joined… heh, it is a story to tell. But I’ll give a summary of it. Well back in that day I remember being in small project where I was learning how to write for RPGs with one of friends. My friend left from there and I felt that I want to get somewhere where I could challenge my writing and make it better. These two points were enough for me to quit. I had been lurking in BS outpost since May, but one day at Summer I got a PM from one person encouraging me to apply as writer. I’ve never met that dude, but he said that it was worth a shot. So I decided that this random guy, maybe even not knowing what I had been doing before, was pushing me in right direction. So I did. Didn’t wait long until I was invited into Elsweyr team as a writer.

What provinces do you have work on?

Well I work on two projects, though calling Atmora a province wouldn’t do enough justice to it haha. Another project is magical catland, but we’ll come back to it later. Atmora is one of my favorite provinces just because of that small fact that we know practically nothing about it. What’s out there? Or maybe what’s left of it? How did it look? Smell? What creatures lived there? But… but the most intriguing question I’ve had – why it fell to Frostfall? Atmora – mystery continent. The team is nice and to me it seems that it is one of the best in BS.

Another project, which is the closest to my heart, is Elsweyr. Many people in the team are very friendly, helpful and caring. They are one of the best people I met in whole modding community and I can only respect them. If you require help, support on your work, you just need to mention that and many of them will come to your help. If you like good atmosphere, then Elsweyr is your choice!

What do you do for Beyond Skyrim?

Ahh now we are getting to more detailed questions. Well I’ll try to summarize everything that it wasn’t too much because I could ramble for hours, about every irrelevant little detail what I put in my characters or some lesser, uninteresting, facts about my job here. So my primary job in both provinces (and sometimes even beyond them) is writing. I enjoy writing and I write practically everything. Won’t lie, quality isn’t always the best one, but as I said in previous question, people are helpful enough here and help me to improve in both provinces by all kinds of means. My other part of job in BS is helping out with Public Relations stuff. It includes some things with videos and our website. But that is not all, I am aspiring to learn 3D modeling and level designing, so I hope to expand my contribution spectre quite a bit.

Where in the world do you live?

Lithuania. Yeah, yeah that small country in Balkans, wait wait, ment Russia, oh sorry ment Baltics. Yeah, got the right one. It’s capital city is… Ryga… no wait, ment Talin? Crap, can’t get it right, ahh yes, Vilnius, that’s the one.

Aside from your own province what is your favourite?

Valenwood. I always wanted some tribalism and Elsweyr was as close as I could get to jungles. Yeah, yeah you are now thinking “Why not Black Marsh? Jungles and tribals…”. My answer is LIZARD PEEPL. Haha, no, with all seriousness I didn’t join BM because I heard that it was in-active that time and I figured that I should go and join elsewhere. So if this question was meant to be asked about current province then BM and Elsweyr. If not, then Valenwood.

What games aside from Skyrim do you like to play?

Strategy, shooters, RPGs, survival, RTS, isometric tactical games, base building – you name it!

How did you get into modding in general?

Long story short – I have game called Hearts of Iron IV. I wanted to make a mod for it so I made one to test my skills. After some time I figured that I want to write stuff and started writing when I aspired to, but the problem was that I didn’t have any goal with these writings. They were all random, strange. Then I decided I need to find for what I should write and that’s how I joined BS modding scene (if you could call writing modding haha)

And now for photo time!

All credit goes to Strokahof who was kind enough to make some adjustments to my pre-existing avatar picture.

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