Modding Spotlight: Episode I

//Modding Spotlight: Episode I

Welcome to our very first Modding Spotlight

Every two months, we invite one of our incredible modders to let us know what they do, what province(s) they work for and anything else they want to tell us.

This month, we have asked OMWDA, a landscaper from Elsweyr to be under the Spotlight.

Hello there Beyond Skyrim fans! Beyond Skyrimers? BS Lovers? Whatever you go by, welcome. My name is Jonathan, but those of you who know me online would know me as OMWDA the detective.

It was I who drew the short straw for this wee kerfuffle, so I get to talk about me for a page or two. Yay. Until recently I was merely an (almost) humble writer for Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr, but as a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly, I have evolved into a super-mutant writer/level designer extraordinaire.

I’m writing this passage on an arduous flight from LA back to my home town of Auckland, a city in perhaps the best country in the world, New Zealand. For Beyond Skyrim I currently have three jobs to do:

1) Finish the first-pass landscaping of the Northern-most region of Elsweyr, the Riverhold Hills with placeholder assets

2) Write some more literature for the sickening city of Rimmen

3) Finish a side quest with the working title of “Shadows Under the Water”

If you’ve been watching the latest Beyond Skyrim news, you’ll have seen some fantastic Rimmenese architecture done by the talented Werterdert1. The Rim is currently the main focus of the writing department and pretty high up on the list for all the other departments, so I hope that we can show more on that front soon.

So, what’s it like working for Beyond Skyrim? For starters, the wages are far below minimum, health care is beyond atrocious and you can forget about any Christmas bonuses. In all seriousness, being a part of Beyond Skyrim is fantastic, one of the best things I’ve ever done, and being in the Elsweyr team is a real treat (mainly due to the marvelous and dedicated people involved).

I joined Beyond Skyrim on the 29th of August 2017, so I guess I’m a “new guy” to the whole shebang. I decided to join Beyond Skyrim because I loved the project, I loved the Elder Scrolls, and I thought that it’d be fantastic if I could help work on it. I decided to apply for Elsweyr because its culture is magnetic, it calls to you: the distant land far to the south with warm sands and naked skies. Elsweyr is truly a majestic province.

If I had to pick a different province to work on, I’d pick Argonia, the Black Marsh. The whole province just drips with unique atmosphere, and will be a fantastic land to see brought to Elder Scrolls fans. I think the unseen provinces are the most exciting ones because they look and feel so different to what we’ve seen before.

One of the questions that I’ve been asked is how I got into modding. I’d like to tell a story about my long hard journey into Skyrim modding, with moments of loyalty and betrayal, excitement and drama at every turn, and plenty of tantalizing romance. Unfortunately, I can’t say any of that. Because it’s all total bullshit.

The story is actually a short slip into level design: one day I decided to install the Creation Kit and mess around with landscaping, and a couple weeks later I’d managed to acquire an entire region of Anequina. I should probably wrap this up as I have been rambling on about myself for a while now.

Just a few final words of wisdom: if you want you learn more about Beyond Skyrim, and hang out with Beyond Skyrim members, I’d advise joining the Beyond Skyrim Community Discord ( There we post frequent updates such as screenshots, art, music, and Twitch livestreams. If you want to join Beyond Skyrim but you feel like you’re not quite skilled enough yet, you can ask for an invitation to the Arcane University Discord where you can receive feedback, and advice on all manner of Skyrim modding skills from our dedicated teaching staff. If you feel like your ready, try your luck and apply for a role. If you do get turned down, don’t give up. Hone your skills and return in a few months time. Beyond Skyrim is always in need of skilled and dedicated members, particularly on the modelling front.

I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support of the Beyond Skyrim project, and I hope that one day, we’ll all be able to roam Tamriel.

Thanks so much for reading. If you have any questions for OMWDA, please leave them in the comments. We will collate the answers and add them to the bottom of the post on

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