Modding Spotlight: Episode II

//Modding Spotlight: Episode II

Welcome to our second Modding Spotlight

Every two months, we invite one of our incredible modders to let us know what they do, what province(s) they work for and anything else they want to tell us.

This month, we have asked Notoh, a scripter and marketer from Iliac Bay to be under the Spotlight.

I joined in July of 2017, and it really was mostly because of how amazed I was at Bruma. I always felt Skyrim to have so much potential, but wasted it away with so many flaws. Bruma to me was an example of how the game should be done, and inspired me to want to join. I’ve always loved programming and computers, and had recently gotten my first job (as a high school student) as a software developer, so I wanted to help wherever possible. Iliac Bay sounded like a good place for me, because I’ve always enjoyed Hammerfell in the TES universe.


As said right above, I work on Iliac Bay as a software developer, I help with a lot of technical things with my knowledge of programming (and scripting when the time comes, we aren’t particularly at that stage yet), as well as help with marketing. I have a background in camera work, with me previously volunteering as a camera technician for my local community, so I did basically all of the IB trailer footage and is what I’m mostly focused on currently, although in the future my technical role will become more apparent.


I live in Calgary, Canada, a giant metropolis in the middle of an area the size of Europe that consists solely of prairies.


My favorite aside from IB would be Cyrodiil, mainly because my favorite TES game has to be Oblivion, and Bruma was what inspired me to join BS.

I play a whole variety of games. I play a lot of modded Minecraft, mostly due to my software development involving a lot of mod development for Minecraft and its how I learned to code. I also play a lot of competitive games, I’m a diamond in Overwatch, MG in CSGO, as well as I used to be a top 100 in Command & Conquer 3, a real time strategy game. Besides all the competitive games, I also play Sword with Sauce, SWTOR, and really old school Command & Conquer as well as Star Wars games a lot.

I got into modding like I said previously from Minecraft.

I was a typical 10 year old playing the game, and I was a fan of a huge server (still the biggest server in gaming history, Hypixel) and wanted to become a developer there just because I had loved computers for a long time, and Hypixel was where I spent most of my time. So I watched a lot of terrible YouTube videos that were like “how to code minecraft mods in 10 ez steps!!1!!1!”, but I used whatever code they used in the video, and played with it for hours on end till I found out what everything did, which is how I learned coding in practice. I didn’t know a lot of programming theory or actually understand things under the covers, so I got a lot of programming books that I would recommend to anyone who is learning programming, such as Design Patterns, The C Programming Language, and the Pragmatic Programmer. I read those to death, and have been getting better since then. Programming isn’t a one time lesson, its a journey of learning that I keep on getting better at every time I turn on my computer. Modding for me is a way to apply my programming skills into my hobby, gaming, and also make content that people enjoy and Beyond Skyrim is one of my favorite aspects of that.

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