Newsletter Volume 2, January 2018

//Newsletter Volume 2, January 2018

Welcome to the second Newsletter of Beyond Skyrim

Welcome to the second newsletter for the Beyond Skyrim Community. All of our teams worked hard to contribute so you could enjoy this latest update and read more about what we do. We’re also proud to announce the launch of our new application system, making it easier to guide new recruits into the area they’d like to work in. If you think you still need some practice before applying, check out the Arcane University at the bottom. It’s for people with a strong motivation to learn and knowledge that might still need some improvement. We’re more than happy to help anyone who really wants to contribute. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


Work continues on the first pass of landscaping, with significant progress made in the West Weald, Nibenay Valley and Jerall Mountains regions. Writing is close to complete for the city of Kvatch, with quest implementation to follow shortly after. Writing is also making very strong progress in the city of Bravil. High-level design documentation for the Cyrodiil player progression mechanic is underway, to fill the same niche as shouts in the base game. Quest implementation is currently underway for the village of Mountain Watch, while the art department works on interiors and additional exterior objects for Kvatch, a modular sidewalk kit for cities, Bravil interiors and more. The last two months have been very productive, indeed!

Iliac Bay

Iliac Bay has had yet more amazing progress moving towards our pre-release goal, the Three Kingdoms, over the last few months. We have been making solid progress on the Jehanna and Yoku city tilesets (worked on by Kelretu and Escha, respectively). Much of the 3D work in Hammerfell has been focused on the sandstone cave tileset currently being worked on by Escha. Several areas are also currently receiving landscape touch-ups by many members of our level design team. Several interior Dwemer, crypt and sandstone cave dungeons are also in progress. We have also been progressing with quest writing for the pre-release areas, and which will soon involve the implementation process once the cities are fully built. In addition, we would like to showcase some of the amazing work done by Alex Catana for High Rock’s soundtrack and Daniel Perrea’s chilling Dwemer dungeon soundtrack for Hammerfell:


Morrowind’s 3D artists have been hard at work for the past little while making all kinds of assets for the province. With these assets, our level designers have been able to make huge progress in landscaping much of the Western side of Morrowind. Our writing and implementation departments have also been working on quests for our pre-release, and our concept artists remain busy as ever. We’re still in need of a lot more assets, so if you have the necessary skills, now’s your chance to join up and help make this province come to life! Pictured below are some examples of our 3D assets, along with a track from our composer:


Progress has been continuing nicely for Atmora and we recently overhauled the landscape. By the end of 2017, the main quest had been finished and the new year will be all about implementation and testing. Our runic system is also showing great progress, as are the other departments. Following the release of our second trailer on New Year’s Eve, we received a lot of positive feedback and new applications. As always, thank you for the interest and support and we look forward to showing you more in the coming months.


Our most recent aerial landscaping image (stitched together from 25 individual pictures by robcbwilson) shows the incredible progress that the team has made in the first landscaping pass of Anequina.

The Northern Canyons have been expertly landscaped by Polyznn. After installing the latest LOD files of our shared heightmap, the iconic Imperial City now appears in the distance when wandering the Northern border regions of Elsweyr.

Alongside the fantastic landscaping progress, our 3D Lead V_Alexander has produced a fantastic range of sitting cushions for Anequina. There will be more screenshots of Anequina clutter in upcoming editions of the newsletter. Werterdert1 has created more stunning Rimmenese houses, producing a villa as his latest creation. Dutchy77 has also created a range of beautiful Rimmenese weapons continuing the teams concentration on the Anequina region of Elsweyr.

Hug.ham (Moon Bishops) and I. Adam (Anequinan Light Armor) have both produced some beautiful Concept Art for our 3D modelers to work from.

Lastly, we have launched a new Twitch channel Subscribe to see our wonderful modders bring Elsweyr to life!


Progress since the last newsletter has been steady and fantastic overall. Our 2D artists have been busy working on new concepts for weapons and armour such as a unique set of armour forged for a long forgotten Roscrean warlord. In the 3D department, we’ve been working on some beautiful pieces like the Roscrean steel and mithril weapon sets and smaller items such as the themed rugs for the major cults, the native mithril dinner set, and the ceramic storage pot. Our writers have also been busy, working on fleshing out the many characters in Roscrea and bringing their personalities to life via their dialogue with the Player. Our writers have also been working on the first quest in the main story-line for Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea and we can proudly say that the Player’s introduction to our alien world is now entering the point where it will be finalized and implemented. Naturally this exciting pace of progress will not slow as we begin to move on to doing the same with the next installment in the thrilling and captivating events of the main quest.

Jumping into the development build of Roscrea is always a fun experience especially as you see all the hard work come together into something truly special. Two such areas where significant progress has been made are the the city of Crane Shore and the island of Hvalcrea. Crane Shore is the one and only Imperial settlement in Roscrea and is home to most of the diverse denizens of Tamriel that you are likely to find back home in Skyrim or beyond. Ruled by Count Gnaeus Ebrius, this cramped and isolated city was once described as a ‘bastion of civilization in an otherwise harsh frontier’. Here one may find a warm bed and the kindness of folk trying to make it out at the end of the world. Whether you’re there to try your hand at working in the mithril mine, listen to the tales of washed up sailors at the Hook and Bait, or ready yourself for the journey into the alien land that is Roscrea, Crane Shore will not falter and it will not let you down. The progress made on Crane Shore has been that of population as we see the city gradually come to life as new NPCs and regular guard routines are added. We’re certain that the largest city in Roscrea will provide plenty of interesting people to interact with and, of course, plenty of people to help.

The island of Hvalcrea is the second largest island in the Roscrean archipelago. It is a seemingly quiet and barren land; one that is wholly unremarkable. But it is any traveller’s mistake to assume that this place does not hold wonders of its own. Hvalcrea was once the domain of the now extinct Whale Cult who many centuries ago fought a bloody conflict with the now ruling Bear Cult and lost. Today the only active settlement on Hvalcrea, apart from the odd shepherd’s camp, is the small fishing village of Vengolt. Perched on the very eastern tip of the archipelago, Vengolt is a modest settlement with humble folk making a living either in their distinct homes on stilts or out at sea braving the harsh waters of the Sea of Ghosts to catch as many fish as they can.

The aims of Roscrea looking forward are much the same. We have models to make, concepts to draw, dialogue and quests to write up, and plenty more to get done. While progress is still very much steady and active, we could always use some extra hands to bolster our ranks and keep us moving. In the very near future we’ll be releasing a trailer and showing off our brand new project logo and we hope that these will help in attracting some fresh recruits. So if you’re out there and fancy giving us a hand (particularly if you have 3D, dungeon design or quest implementation skills) then do post an application on our forums. The voices of the deep are calling and it’s up to us to make something memorable and unique with Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea.

Cross-Province Teams

Apart from the regional teams, there are also cross-provincial teams that support the whole Beyond Skyrim community.

Public Relations Team:
The place, where we are working on our external presence in media and interactions with our fans.

Atronach Forge:
The place, where skilled contributors work on assets for multiple teams benefits.

Arcane University:
The place, where new recruits can interactively work along experienced members and improve their skills even before joining one of the teams.

Arcane University

Welcome to the Arcane University! We are a collaborative effort of Beyond Skyrim aiming to help people learn the various aspects that play into mod creation, like scripting, level design or 3d modelling to just name the major ones. If you are interested in learning one of these or just want to help out others achieve their goal, feel free to join us on our Discord server and begin your journey. Previous knowledge is not required, only that you are willing and eager to learn. Below you can find some work that students of the Arcane University made during their time with us. By honing your skills you can eventually graduate, those students may choose to work on one of the various Beyond Skyrim teams or the Atronach Forge, our cross-province content creation hub. So it is a good chance to get involved with the project and learn a few handy things along the way. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Cole Augustson February 1, 2018 at 6:31 am - Reply

    Fantastic progress, I’m so glad to see such a huge mod endeavor that hasn’t abandoned their project like so many have. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma was just a taste of what you all will accomplish and just that piece is outstanding and was most impressed with the amount of detail put into it, I’m sure by the end of it the project won’t even feel like a mod but an actual piece of Bethesda itself.

  2. Chris Yarbrough February 1, 2018 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    Oh buddy, I am so excite.

  3. B. February 1, 2018 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    Ooh my!.. In my opinion, Beyond Skyrim will be in game developing’s history when it will be finished. It really has to become one of the best mods of all times, that’s for sure!.. It’s really glad to see that so much people are working for a such huge mod project four our so beloved The Elder Scrolls Universe. I have been playing Bruma recently and I had a blast from it. Quests are more interesting than in original Skyrim game!.. The quests have variety, choices, role-play… I do not want to say that quests in original game are bad but my point is that the quests of Bruma remind me of such great role-playing games like Fallout, Fallout 2, Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magic Obscura, Fallout New Vegas, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and Planescape: Torment. I look forward to see when this project will be finished! However, I really think that donation system has to be introduced. I understand that there are real problems with copyrights but it must be figured out somehow. If Bethesda would do anything to stop any possible ways of donation, it would be just a shame for this company. Mod developers are working so hard and are making professional work with so high quality and… And this mod (which is more like official dlc) remains freeware. So I believe there is a way to introduce donation system.

  4. Rob Vella February 1, 2018 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    thank you so much for all your hard work, looking forward to the next newsletter, literally counting down the days.

  5. Loreknight February 1, 2018 at 10:07 pm - Reply

    Nice to see things progress, good work, guys!

  6. jesse February 14, 2018 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    when will the update be live?

  7. Fabius Donvil March 6, 2018 at 8:19 pm - Reply

    These mods are looking to be really high quality and i’m really looking forward to the next release. although i have doubts that the project will be finished b4 the enxt installment of TES comes along. don’t let that discourage you. your work will set examples for modders for years to come.

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