Newsletter Volume 5, July 2018

//Newsletter Volume 5, July 2018

Welcome to the fifth newsletter of Beyond Skyrim

Welcome to the fifth newsletter for the Beyond Skyrim Community. All of our teams worked hard to contribute so you could enjoy this latest update and read more about what we do. We welcome new applicants to participate! If you think you still need some practice before applying, check out the Arcane University at the bottom. It’s for people with a strong motivation to learn and basic knowledge that might still need some improvement. We’re more than happy to help anyone who really wants to contribute. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


It’s been a few months of major progress for the Cyrodiil team as we’ve built our first in-game incarnations of two cities – Chorrol and Skingrad.

Quest development has begun heating up for Kvatch, with most of the city’s quests now in development in some fashion. Swift progress is being made on the city of Skingrad, including its overarching storyline and side characters.

Our level designers have begun building the first of a new dungeon type for the full release of Cyrodiil – Akaviri ruins – while great progress has been made in both the Colovian wilderness, numerous dungeons, and even interior locations for both Kvatch and Bravil.

And the art department has made major strides, too – not only completing the Skingrad exterior architecture and finishing and preparing the Chorrol assets, but also churning out some new weapons and amulets – and, of course, a veritable bounty of new creatures, including the assets for Cyrodiil’s varied horse breeds (including new breeds not seen in TES IV).

We’re preparing to resume full voice recording work, as well – reconnecting with our fantastic cast from Bruma as well as casting some great new talent.

Oh, and we guess we released two trailers for Kvatch, as well.

Iliac Bay

Progress has been steaming ahead over at the bay. Our modeling team has been busy designing architecture and armor sets for our pre-release, while the level designers are working hard to bring the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell to life. Our audio department has been steadily working towards a comprehensive soundtrack, here’s a taste of the Three Kingdoms by Vladislav Saturyan & Jon Richards. Enjoy!


Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind has been hard at work as usual. We’ve been expanding our landscaping work in the Velothis district further south, to the Armun Ashlands, as shown in this work done by Firenight. This region is characterized by its reddish grass and constant haze of ash in the sky.

We’ve also been cranking out new art assets at a steady rate. Pictured here are some mushrooms from the Othreleth region, done by JmCVoyager. These odd-looking fungi will make up a large portion of the Sadras lands in the south-west of Morrowind. Also shown is a chitin spoon, made by Larrian. This decorative item would likely be used as a serving spoon in the western and northern areas of Morrowind. Additionally, Meglos, our art director, has been working hard on in-game 2D art assets, such as these patterns, which will be used all over Morrowind to spice up our 3D assets and textures.

Finally, we have some more new concept art to show off. Esradel has recently finished this magnificent Dunmeri-style ebony armour, Preparation has been working on some rustic Ashlander clutter, and NickRiviera has come up with a new concept for the classic Daedric mace from TES3, Scourge.

And, as always, enjoy a new track from our legendary composer, Eric Gordon!


The work continues on Northern Elsweyr (Anequina), as the team looks to complete the first pass of the region. In this edition, we have some screenshots from Boato (from the Dry Grasslands), Robcbwilson (working on the Badlands) and Joopvandie landscaping Rim.

We are extremely excited to show our progress on Rimmen. Werterdert has produced more of his stunning renders of houses in Blender. These models will be finished off and textured and we look forward to showing you some finalised models soon.


Grab a seat traveler! I’ll order you a drink. The taverns and inns of Roscrea never fail to provide an unmatched view into the heart of society in these isles. Whether you be a voyager fresh from a battle with the seas or a humble hiker in need of a warm respite from the bitter ice and snow the fine establishments of Roscrea will prove themselves ever worthy of your custom.

In Crane Shore the Thirsty Muskrat provides a citizen of any standing the chance to relax with an imported beverage that reminds them of home. But if it’s a more rustic experience you desire then the Hook and Bait is the place to be; a tavern where the hardiest sailor can share a tale with their battered brethren. In the land of the natives it is a different story.

In the frozen city of Frulthuul one can find warmth in the mead hall. It is a grand establishment fit for a clan as mighty as the Bear Cult, but be aware of the policy on outsiders. While not barred they are not given the same degree of honest and kind treatment that is nearly always guaranteed for the locals. Roscrea is at a stage where more and more elements of the project are coming to life. It never gets boring watching the people and places you’ve spent so much time and dedication on morph into something tangible. It’s a fulfilling experience because it is our chance to craft something truly wonderful for the audience to enjoy. Naturally we in the team for Roscrea don’t want this momentum to slow so we need all hands on deck. If you have skills we would find useful – be it level design, 3D art, or writing – then do not hesitate to put your name down. We always need fresh talent to make this land of wonders a reality and that talent could very possibly be you.

Black Marsh

Black Marsh is back!
Over the last few months, Black Marsh has faced challenges, due to being a new project and having to be set up correctly. However we’ve come out on the right side of that phase, and we have begun to pick up a lot of steam! We have gained both members and directors ready to push the project into the future.

We have welcomed Hugh as our new Lead Composer / Audio Director, who has assembled a brilliant dedicated team of talented musicians and sound designers, some of whose tracks are below. We have also welcomed GoodKingJohn as our new Technical Director, who has bolstered our ranks significantly. With the arrival of these new leaders and members, new life has been breathed into the project and progress is steamrolling like never before!

However, progress can always be pushed further, and we are still new and young, so we are always looking for talented new members to join the adventure!
Thanks for sticking with us through these months, and we hope you’ll continue to stick around for future updates.

(Note: the environmental scenes displayed are not displayed in BM landscapes and are placed in temporary Skyrim landscapes for showcasing purposes only)


By the time you’re reading this, a merge is underway for Atmora. We’ve decided to sit this one out to focus on getting everything implemented and cleaned properly. Not to worry though, we’re excited about all the new content that’s been added to the mod and can’t wait to show it off. Watch this space, we’ll have plenty to show you next time!

Cross-Province Teams

Apart from the provincial teams, there are also several cross-project teams that are part of the whole Beyond Skyrim community.

Public Relations:
working on our external presence in all of our Social Media platforms and interactions with our fans.

Atronach Forge:
skilled contributors work here on assets for multiple teams benefits.

Arcane University:
is where new recruits can interactively work along experienced members and improve their skills even before joining one of the teams.

Arcane University

Welcome to the Arcane University! We are a collaborative effort of Beyond Skyrim aiming to help people learn the various aspects that play into mod creation, like scripting, level design or 3d modelling just to name the major ones. If you are interested in learning one of these or just want to help out others achieve their goal, feel free to join us on our Discord server and begin your journey. Previous knowledge is not required, only that you are willing and eager to learn. Below you can find some work that students of the Arcane University made during their time with us. By honing your skills you can eventually graduate, those students may choose to work on one of the various Beyond Skyrim teams or the Atronach Forge, our cross-province content creation hub. So it is a good chance to get involved with the project and learn a few handy things along the way. Hope to see you soon!

We have recently refreshed the Atronach Forge Bounty Board with claims from Beyond Skyrim provinces so that students from the Arcane University can learn, while at the same time contributing directly to our mods. In fact, two of the screenshots below come from that board and are already in Elsweyr and Roscrea which is fantastic and really gives students a feeling of accomplishment.

In addition, we are thrilled that we are now teaching writing in the AU. We are a collaborative effort aiming to help people learn the various aspects that play into mod creation that want to join BS but presently lack the skills.

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    Love it, thank you so much for the updates you guys! We really appreciate it!

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    This is so awesome… Keep it up! I love all of this, you bring this game to life, it is thanks to people like you that this game is what it is, and that loads of fans are still playing and enjoying it!

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    Thanks for keeping us updated! It’s funny how some of Bethesda’s biggest competition is their own community.

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