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Elsweyr: Sugar and Blood

Wander south into the lands of the Khajiit: Anequina & Pellitine. The balance of power shifts under the ja-Kha’jay — insidious conspiracies take hold, and the Riddle’thar is forgotten. Undertake a deeply personal, perhaps even spiritual, journey into the deep-south of Tamriel. Walk your Way as you are immersed in the traditions, culture and mindset of the mystical Khajiit people — exploring windswept canyons, nomad-traveled steppes, tropical rain forests, and other distinctive landscapes.

Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr will feature all of the Khajiit lands, including Anequina, Pellitine, and its coastal isles. Embrace wanderlust, as you take up all-new quests, discover ancient dungeons, and visit locales never before seen in The Elder Scrolls.

Key features:

Sugar & Blood – Elsweyr was once the promised land of the Khajiit, a harmonious union of the Many under the teachings of Rid’thar ri’Datta. But alas, it is no more — with the assassination of the Last Mane, and the Thalmor-backed Coup of 4E 115, Elsweyr finds itself split between North and South: Anequina & Pellitine. Discover a land in turmoil, as it struggles to find identity amidst a cultural schism that dominates modern Khajiit society. Mired in violence, class-warfare, as the old notions of peace under the ‘Thar seem but a distant memory. The Player’s actions in Elsweyr will have a meaningful impact on the world around them, as they attempt to bring change to a troubled nation.

A Land of Wealth & Stories –  There are many factions & societies in Anequina & Pellitine, many opportunities, but there are no Guilds of the Imperial Charter to be found within client-states of the Dominion. Instead, one may find organisations such as the Aldmeri Society of Thaumaturgists, the Ja’Rakiit, the Syffim, and numerous clandestine factions associated with all manner of thuggery & thievery. Elsweyr is also known for its rich tapestry of temples, cults, and mystics, whom offer all many of spiritual exploration.

Anequina – A land of dusty badlands, grassy steppes, and cold nights. It is barren, often harsh, a land of Warriors. It is not for the soft or timid. The Khajiit of Anequina are led by the wisdom of the Clan Mothers, and many choose the life of nomads. In the West of Anequina is Dune, a city carved out of the living rock, to the East is Rimmen —  a nest of snakes, a treacherous place for Khajiit. Riverhold, on the Northern border with Cyrodiil, and Orcest, the nomadic heart of Anequina.

Pellitine – Pellitine is the civilized South, a land of lush jungles, verdant farmland and ancient temples. Here you will find the cosmopolitan cities of Corinthe, Torval & Senchal, and the ruins of once-proud Alabaster. Danger lurks here too, for the South is the center of the skooma trade and the stronghold of the Thalmor.

Rimmen – Rimmen stands apart in Elsweyr, for it is a city not of Khajiit, but those of Akaviri-Nibenese heritage, exiled from Cyrodiil in the Second Era. It is a marvelous architectural beauty, but also serves to house hidden horrors; it’s splendid Palace & Tonenaka Temple contrasted against it’s slums, and slavery. It is from the city that the Rimmenese enforce the often-cruel will of the Potentate throughout Eastern Anequina. The city is a golden coiled serpent, sitting on the edge of the Anequinan Plateau — travellers are warned to be wary of its bite.

A Unique Culture – A radically different perspective of Tamriel, Elsweyr is an outlandish destination filled with cultural trinkets, rare treasures, along with unique armour & weapons specific to the regions. Barter with nomadic caravaneers, browse the bustling open-markets of the cities, to find all manner of exotic supplies.

High Lore Standards – Working with some of the best Khajiit Loremasters of the community, Elsweyr has partnered with the likes of Michael Zeigler, author of A Khajiit C0DA, along with the team behind The Ta’agra Project (a full conlang of Ta’agra, the language of the Khajiit), among many other veteran members of The Elder Scrolls lore community. Lore adherence is held to an impeccably high quality standard.

All-Encompassing – Elsweyr will feature full voice acting, including spoken Ta’agra, Ta’agra throat-singing, along with a beautifully composed custom soundtrack, the full range of Khajiit furstocks, and a vast range of ingame books that live up to the literary traditions the Khajiit are known for, all held to an impeccable quality standard. Prepare for an excursion into the exotic, unexplored wilds of the Khajiit homeland.

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