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Visit an unstable country to the west of Skyrim that’s at risk of being torn apart by the bickering of local Kings and wizard lords. With the Empire distracted by the Civil War in Skyrim, old rivalries are bursting into the open, and the Empire’s hold over the homeland of the Bretons is growing weaker by the day. Choose a side in the ongoing struggle, or seek to profit from the disorder and begin your own ascent up High Rock’s feudal hierarchy. New reputation mechanics will allow players to embrace a path of honor and chivalry, or ruthlessly their foes’ weakness in High Rock’s cut-throat political arena. The choice is ultimately yours – will you help the rebellious Reachmen and Orcs reclaim their independence? Or will a new Kingdom of the West arise from the chaos? And if it does, who will be left wearing the Crown?

Mod Information

  • Start Date: 2011
  • Goal: Despite being one of the lands of Tamriel which is best described in lore, High Rock has not been featured in any single-player TES game since 1996. Our goal is to offer players a new interpretation of this province of the Empire that takes full advantage of Skyrim’s engine to offer a fully explorable and interactive High Rock. This project was originally conceived as a tribute to the freestyle gameplay and intricate political storyline of The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall. The goal is to move beyond a conventional Main Quest, in which the player takes the role of the Hero, and instead offer an open-ended storyline in which the player gets to side with any (or none) of the many factions fighting for control of High Rock. Don’t expect any clear cut “right” side in this struggle – every faction will be a mixed bag of motivations and characters, each with its own distinct path to victory. Which faction ultimately triumphs will be determined by the personal alliances and choices made by individual players. Which will, of course, include the option of siding with none, or playing them off against each other.

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