BS - Resources

The following are Skyrim modding resources which were either created in-house by our modelers, who chose to pre-release their creations ahead of Beyond Skyrim, or which our teams adapted to the Skyrim engine from TES4: Oblivion resources with the permission of their original authors. Before using, be sure to read the release documentation and remember always to fully credit both our team members and (where applicable) the original author.

Cyrodiil Farmhouse Set
by Markus Liberty

Orc Hut Kit
by Markus Liberty

Griffon Fortress Set
by mr_siika, adapted for Skyrim by Kraeten

Castle Seaview Set
by mr_siika, adapted for Skyrim by Tamira

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Arcane University (also for non-members!)

Welcome to the Arcane University! We are a collaborative effort of Beyond Skyrim aiming to help people learn the various aspects that play into mod creation, like scripting, level design or 3d modelling to just name the major ones. If you are interested in learning one of these or just want to help out others achieve their goal, feel free to join us on our Discord server and begin your journey. Previous knowledge is not required, only that you are willing and eager to learn. Below you can find some work that students of the Arcane University made during their time with us. By honing your skills you can eventually graduate, those students may choose to work on one of the various Beyond Skyrim teams or the Atronach Forge, our cross-province content creation hub. So it is a good chance to get involved with the project and learn a few handy things along the way. Hope to see you soon!