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The Madness of Dro’zira, Weeks 4-6 or “How Moonpath Got A New Name”

The Madness of Dro'zira, Weeks 4-6 How Moonpath Got A New Name A long time ago, in a galaxy far away there lived a duck. Only the duck was in fact a sock. An_Old_Sock, to be precise. Every week the sock (not a duck) maintained a Dev Diary. Except when he didn't. Seeing [...]

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Lanterns Glow in Skyrim

Hello, Travelers, today we're going to teach you how to make lanterns glow in Skyrim. We originally encountered problems with the way lanterns glow in Skyrim, but one of our members contributed a tutorial on how to make lanterns glow in Skyrim properly. So, to begin you open the lanterns you want to make [...]

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