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Expedition to Atmora

Journey to a place long thought a myth and uncover its secrets.

A land untouched by the ages

Across the Sea of Ghosts, the lost continent of Atmora awaits. Devastated by a cataclysm long ago, it holds many untold mysteries. From the mountains in the north to the shores of the south, Atmora has been lovingly crafted to depict a believable, arctic open world and the ruins of a once great civilisation.

Choices and consequences

Embark on a journey alongside the crew of the Expedition and uncover the final days of Atmora; the birthplace of humanity from which countless legends have descended. An old-school RPG with expansive, branching quests, it will take everything to help the expedition to succeed on the northern shores. Your actions will decide the fate of many... and whether anyone makes it home alive.

A brutal, survival-oriented experience

Endure conditions beyond imagining and turn ancient magic to your advantage. Designed around Frostfall and Campfire, the core principles focus on immersion, atmosphere and helping the player survive in the hellish, inhospitable environment. Encounter all new enemies, bring home priceless treasure and wander halls that have lain empty for millennia.

A full-scale expansion

Rejecting the conventional open world, filler content and meaningless fetch quests, Atmora is unique in the modding scene. Thematically rich and expanding on the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in every way, the mod plays to the strengths of the original game while pushing the boundaries of the genre. And all of this done by our small team from around the world for free.

Interested in joining Atmora?

We are currently looking for:

Writers       Implementers      Animators      Level Designers

3D Artists with sculpting experience

Complete music suite

Beyond Skyrim: Expedition to Atmora will come with a complete suite of original music to accompany you on your journey.


Listen to some picks at SoundCloud on the official Beyond Skyrim page, or the composer's personal page.


The soundtrack of Atmora is tailored to complement the experience of setting foot on this ancient land that perished in a mysterious cataclysm. Composed around telling these stories of old, it ranges from melancholic themes, primal drums and woodwinds to dark and unsettling soundscapes.