A god is forever.
Reforge the legend.

Our ancient foe has returned to reclaim the lands we took from them.
And this time, Cyrodiil's people stand alone.

Turn whispers into shouts. Kindle faith into fire.
Take up the name that once gave them all hope.

And then use it to save them.

Choose your side.
Crown an emperor.

The Septim dynasty is broken, and the empire is in decline.

Powerful claimants have lined up to take the Ruby Throne.
Weigh the price of your loyalty against their ambitions.

And then make your choice.

Return to Cyrodiil,
200 years later.

Two centuries since the Oblivion crisis, the Heartland is still here, but far from its former glory.
Visit the cities you remember, and discover places that were once only in legends.

Lovingly written,
skillfully performed.

Our large team of experienced writers are creating a great collection of stories both large and small.
Featuring voice actors from titles such as Dragon Age: InquisitionWasteland 2 and Dying Light 2.

Built to last,
forged for eons.

From swords to scenery, our team of artists are making beautiful, original assets.
Every landscape is hand-made and polished for a truly immersive experience.


When will Cyrodiil release?

We won't be committing to a release window yet.

Can I become emperor?

No. The Dragonborn will not have the option of becoming emperor.

Which platforms and editions?

Cyrodiil will be available on the SE and AE editions of Skyrim for the PC.

How far along is development?

Although we will always refrain from providing release windows, our anniversary trailer shows a great deal of the tremendous progress we have made over the last few years. We are currently in the middle stage of development, with all our departments working in tandem to bring the world to life. If you'd like to help us on our quest and see us push into the final stages of production and beyond, please consider joining to the team.

Can I join the development team?

Absolutely! If you possess some experience in any of the required skills, please consider sending us an application (see here for details). Alternatively, if you wish to learn how to become a modder or develop your skills before applying, please consider visiting our partner project, the Arcane University.

Is this like Skyblivion?

No. Skyblivion is a remake of Bethesda's Oblivion using the Skyrim engine. Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil is an original expansion with new quests and content, set during the time of the Dragon Crisis, 200 years after the events of Oblivion.

Interested in joining Cyrodiil?


Download the first Beyond Skyrim pre-release.

Travel beyond the borders of Skyrim and explore Bruma, the northernmost county in Cyrodiil. Delve into Ayleid ruins, meddle in local affairs or explore the wilds — the journey begins now.

Find out more about Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil.



Beyond Skyrim: Bruma OST

Enjoy over three hours of original music composed by Daniel Ran and João Guerra for the snowy heights of Bruma. Featuring several of Jeremy Soule's famous themes from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, reimagined for the fourth era.