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What is Beyond Skyrim?

Beyond Skyrim is a collaboration between several modding teams. We each work on separate provinces (e.g. Cyrodiil, Morrowind) but we share resources (such as models and textures) and all work off the same global landscape shape (also known as the heightmap). This way, the borders will match and all provinces will slot in together, allowing you to walk from one province to another.

We also follow a number of guidelines for consistency. For instance, we respect Bethesda’s lore but add to it in our own stories in ways that we feel are truthful to the original source material.

Additionally, we have some limited inter-team governance in order to make decisions that affect the collaboration as a whole.

Which provinces will be made?

Have a look under “Projects” in the main menu to see which provinces are currently being worked on. We do not expect that every province of Tamriel will see a Beyond Skyrim release.

When will “insert province here” be released?

Check the individual province pages for release information. At time of writing, there are no release dates published. (July 2019)

How will the provinces be released?

Each province will have its own separate release that will be playable on its own without installing any of the others. However, if you wish to travel by foot from Skyrim to Elsweyr, you’d also need to install Cyrodiil.

Is Beyond Skyrim compatible with other mods?

Ultimately, this is the responsibility of the makers of other mods. However, we’re happy to help others with the making of compatibility patches.

Is Beyond Skyrim consistent with existing lore?

Yes, in that we do not contradict existing official lore. However, we do not restrict ourselves to what Bethesda has clarified. There are gaps in the lore and we fill some of them in a way which we feel suits the overall tone. What matters most to us is that the stories we create fit into the Elder Scrolls universe.

What’s the status of Black Marsh?

Black Marsh is in the early production phase and we’re pleased to say we’re making some great headwind. Stay tuned for more updates and follow along on our journey to bring Black Marsh to TESV!