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Roscrea: Voices of the Deep

“Over my many years as Count I've witnessed various feats of personal strength, be they good or bad. The settlers here have managed to carve a life out at the end of the world, even with the looming disdain of the locals. But the one thing I have yet to see fully realised is coexistence. But I hope that one day settlers and natives can live in peace. When that day comes, I will truly know that the Empire can survive.”

Soon, Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea will take you to a land of blood and strife; a land of wild customs, strange cultures, and mysteries as old as time.

Deep within the mists of the Sea of Ghosts there lies an archipelago ripped straight from the pages of legend. For centuries Roscrea has stood apart from the historical arena that is Tamriel - a distant land whose tales of untold riches endured in the minds of explorers as little more than a whisper. But much has changed in the years since. Aboard the Northern Stallion you can make your way to this reticent isle and see for yourself the ancient cities, cavernous ruins, and virgin wilderness, and witness a world frozen in time.

But time is of the essence. In Roscrea, nothing lasts forever...

Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea OST

Journey deep within the Sea of Ghosts to a land of mystery with the official soundtrack for Roscrea: Voices of the Deep.


Featuring original soundtracks from Eric Gordon Berg, Alex Jordon, and Simone Pucci Rocco

Interested in joining Roscrea?

Actively seeking: Implementers, 3d modelers (xp in armor rigging a plus), game writers, and dungeon/level designers.