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We're always looking for new talent to join our already large teams. Get valuable experience in game development and make connections with others in the industry.


Learning game development skills

If you are interested in learning game development skills from experienced modders, join the Arcane University, a learning platform managed by several large Elder Scrolls modding projects, including Beyond Skyrim.


Looking for: Level designers, audio engineers (SFX), writers/editors and 3D artists.


Looking for: Implementers, Game Writers, Level Designers, Sound Designers, 3D Artists (sculpting experience desired).


Looking for: 2D or 3D artists, level designers, writers, implementers, animators, and voice actors.

Iliac Bay

Looking for: Game writers, 2D artists, and 3D artists.


Looking for: Implementers, 3D modelers (with experience in rigging armor), game writers, and dungeon designers.


Looking for: Game writers, concept artists (particularly those experienced in drawing clutter such as furniture or other items used in houses), 3D artists (particularly creature modelers), sound designers, implementers, and voice actors.


Black Marsh

Looking for: 2D and 3D artists, level designers, writers, and animators.