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Newsletter #6, October 2018

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Hannes Ulbricht


Progress on Cyrodiil continues apace. Quest implementation for the city of Kvatch is very close to complete – we’ve included a few screenshots to tease the varied quest content in the city, which was heavily informed by feedback from Bruma. We’re also preparing to resume regular voice recording after a post-Bruma hiatus – stay tuned for some teases of the upcoming performances from our fantastic voice cast.

Landscaping work continues apace, bolstered by new tree assets – some created in-house by Disrecord and John, others graciously given to us by the Skyblivion and Enderal teams as part of what we hope will be a long and fruitful asset-sharing collaboration. We’ve also begun working on the province’s exterior lighting to more vividly portray Cyrodiil’s unique climates.

And, of course our artists continue work on numerous locales… including the capital of the Empire.

Iliac Bay

Over the past two months, the province has seen a tremendous amount of interior work, creating new Dwemer, Breton Crypts, caves, and other dungeons. Our 3D team has been hard at work creating new furniture for the city of Jehanna in our pre-release. Also, our audio department has created numerous new tracks for High Rock and Hammerfell.


Morrowind is moving ever further along in development, as always. We’ve made significant progress in the island of Sheogorad, specifically the town of Dagon Fel, pictured here. Also shown are some Ashlander clutter assets, modeled by Larrian.

Our team of concept artists has also been coming up with more unique designs for our province. Here, we have a Skorati, also known as a Moth-Deer, a Dumac-styled Dwemer Sphere Centurion, our bonemold weapon set, and our concept for the Telvanni Dust Adept armour.


It’s been a busy few months for Atmora. We had to sit out the last Volume of the newsletter because we were in the process of a merge, but it’s good to be back this time around.

On top of some new members, armour, and weapons, level design has made a staggering amount of progress on the remaining areas, particularly with the Staglands and Northern Mountains sections of the map. The difference between the current and previous build is huge as the world space continues to be polished.

Yaranik has continued to deliver some excellent tracks for Atmora’s score and our sound designers have added some great effects and audio to the mod. With more 3D on the way, our concept artists have been instrumental in helping with new assets as well.

The writing department is slowly being wound down. As the main quest line was finished by the end of 2017, the past few months have been spent on texts, side quests, and smaller tasks to help flesh out the world. Work will still be added between now and release, but the remaining claims will be finalized soon as priorities shift to getting content in-game.

Our scroll system is now implemented and fully functional, with historically accurate texts in a land that was around long before Tamriel’s printing press. We’re looking forward to seeing how much the expedition can uncover as implementation adds more content to the mod.

We are now focusing on Quest implementation and the 3d Assets that are open.

As always, thank you for your support. We continue to make steady progress. If you would like to join development, we welcome you. See you on the northern shores.


Since the last Newsletter, Elsweyr has been very busy working on Rimmen as you can see from the beautiful screenshots from Werterdert1. We look forward to showing you more Rimmen progress as we move from 3D models to fully textured assets in the coming months. Alongside this asset work, Ky0ushu has been creating more beautiful Sigils and Sothasil some stunning Concept Art (the cute Slarjeiboi). Mindmonkey and The Old Ye Bard combined to create the Prayer Flags that will be dotted around sites in Anequina and Munnin Crow has finished off his beautiful Senche-raht Saddle. Dutchy77 is back creating beautiful weapons as you can see from his iron weapon set.

Our landscapers continue to work hard finishing the first pass of Anequina. Robcbwilson working on the Saimisil Steppes created a Point of Interest showcasing assets made by the 3D modeling team including a rug from Cyrodiil.

TrivialGalaxy has recently joined the team as our composer and in the process of creating the first track for Elsweyr Khenarthi Weeps. You can listen to his beautiful track below.


As you no doubt saw in our recent trailer the Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea team has been busier than ever. With particular emphasis placed on implementation of things such as quests, dungeons, and characters we are seeing Roscrea into a fresh period of development. The degree of implementation work put into the project in recent weeks has filled us with a strong drive to create as we watch our beloved island come to life.

Specific areas we have been working on are the implementation of NPCs in the Imperial settlement of Crane Shore (a location you will become more familiar with in the weeks to come) as well as the writing of two faction related storylines that enrich the lore and atmosphere of this troubled archipelago.

As we sign off for this edition of the newsletter we would like to remind you of our upcoming live stream. Hosted on our official Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea Twitch channel on the 6th of October at 7 pm UK time (2 pm EST), members of the development team will show off all of our recent work so be sure to join us then.