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The music of Beyond Skyrim

We have a wealth of composers creating unique and inspiring original music for each province, from the plains of High Rock to the swamps of Argonia.

Beyond Skyrim: Three Kingdoms OST

From the icy shores of High Rock to the sweltering dunes of Hammerfell, a six-hour musical journey by the composers of Beyond Skyrim: Iliac Bay; Alex Catana, Jon Richards, Sergey Neiss, Alex Jordon and Vladyslav Saturian.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma OST

Enjoy over three hours of original music composed by Daniel Ran and João Guerra for the snowy heights of Bruma. Featuring several of Jeremy Soule's famous themes from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, reimagined for the fourth era.


We consistently release and revamp new music and each province is set to have hours of total tracks. These are some of the standouts to give you a feel for each composer.

Dev diaries

These tracks were put together from compositions by every featured project.

And more

Check out our official SoundCloud profile to see all the music that's been released by Beyond Skyrim.