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Journey north into the stormy embrace of the Sea of Ghosts to a land of untold treasure. A land once known only as a whisper. A land called Roscrea. Forget the ills of your past, and the judgements of people you will long to forget. Wipe the slate clean and see for yourself a world frozen in time. Make with haste fair traveller, for the winds of change wait for no soul.

For centuries has Roscrea faced the onslaught of foreign armies and alien customs. But the Empire, once a proud and glorious conqueror, now struggles to maintain a peace that is increasingly fragile while their precious East Empire Company seeks to throw off their shackles to pursue a ruthless campaign of exploitation. Meanwhile, high in the snow capped mountains, the mighty Bear Cult seeks to hold on to the power they seized so long ago before it slips from their own fingers. And silent within the shadows are the stirrings of a vengeance three eras in the making.

But all will be naught when the voices are heard. For deep within the earth the fates have spoken; the day of judgement has come. The destiny of the land frozen in time rests only in eager hands as a vital lesson is learned: You may change the future, but you can never run from the past.

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